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Extend Turbines

Incorporating the latest technology in design, assembly, and materials, Extend Turbines are the best the market has to offer. In fact, we’ve made it easy to track your Extend repairs by including an easy-peel sticker with lot and serial number and a scannable QR code with each turbine so you can include it on your documentation.

  • 15-month no hassle warranty
  • Assembled with GRW XTRA Ceramic bearings with welded slinger for improved performance and to reduce suckback
  • Stainless steel, heat-treated autochuck with DLC-coated actuator and carbide guide bushing for superior wear resistance and high-quality rebuilds
  • Highspeed, computer-aided dynamic balancing
  • Exceeds ISO standards by 50% for true concentricity to reduce noise and vibration
  • Bearings meet ABEC 9 standards on critical performance criteria
  • Individually serialized for traceability
  • Includes o-rings, washers, springs, and other hardware as applicable

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Available in single and multi-packs, our Perfection products are the perfect combination of performance and value! Our extensive Perfection portfolio offers high-quality replacement parts for all major highspeed brands at value pricing.

  • Available in single and multi-packs


  • Manufactured in Germany
  • Designed specifically for use in highspeed dental handpiece applications
  • Increased longevity: Poly-Phenlylene Sulfide cage (PPS)
  • Highly resistance to the elevated temperature in autoclaving
  • Rated ABEC 7P (ABEC 9 on critical performance dimensions)
  • Runs Quieter: less bearing noise then other highspeed bearings
  • Works well in marginal lubricant environment

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  • 100% Laser Vibrometer Tested
  • Superior Performance vs OEM
  • Bearings Meet ABEC 9 on Critical Performance Criteria
  • Completely Rebuildable
  • Serialized for Traceability

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Perfection Bearings  Kits

Don't compromise your rebuild by using lower quality component parts. Our Perfection Bearing Kits are comprised of our Perfection bearings and specially-engineered mating hardware which allow you to offer your customer high-quality, long-lasting repairs.

  • Available in single and multi-packs

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Surefix Samples

Perfection Autochuck and Sub-assemblies

Available in both Wedge Design for high raw pull force and Clamp-pad Design for optimum performance at high speeds, our Perfection autochucks are heat-treated for durability, precision ground, and exceed ISO standards by more than 50% for true concentricity. Perfection autochuck assemblies meet the demand for dependable, long-lasting autochucks.

  • Available in single and multi-packs

Perfection Sub assemblies

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Replacement Parts

With over 2000 line items in stock, we maintain the world’s largest inventory of the high quality parts you and your customers depend on for premium handpiece repairs.

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SureGrip Samples

Tools and Test Equipment

We supply the test equipment and tooling you need to provide quality highspeed and lowspeed repairs.

Don't compromise your rebuild by using lower quality component parts. The EZ Press III™ allows you to replace any part of a highspeed rotor that fails. This unique technology has been used worldwide in over 3 million handpiece repairs and its use ensures precision placement of bearings and parts on the spindle.

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Surefix Kit