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KaVo 25LP Series Overhaul Instructions

Step 1

To remove the back button cap
Press tool TST141 to front end of handpiece through the front end of the autochuck.

KaVo LP25 Step 1

Step 2

The button back button cap will be pushed out and removed from the back end of handpiece head.
Caution: do not lose spring when removing button

KaVo 25LP Step 2

Step 3

To remove inner cap
Make sure the tool TST138 and the inner cap completely interlock, then turn counter-clockwise to loosen.

KaVo 25LP Step 3

Step 4

Remove the inner cap.

KaVo 25LP Step 4

Step 5

To remove base nut
Engage the pins on the tool with slots on base nut.

KaVo 25LP Step 5

Step 6

Turn counter-clockwise to loosen and remove the base nut.

KaVo 25LP Step 6

Step 7

To remove the base insert
• Press the sleeve tool into the base insert.
• Push the tool plunger fully into the sleeve tool to lock the sleeve inside the base insert.
• Pull on the sleeve tool to remove the base insert.

KaVo 25LP Step 7