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Star Titan Press Tool TST838 Instructions

TST838 Lineup

Step 1

Motor body as shown on after remove from motor shell.

TST838 Fig 1

Step 2

Pull to remove all the back pieces from motor body as shown

TST838 Fig 2

Step 3

To remove front gear
Use tool TS830 press the top of the rotor shaft

TST838 Fig 3

Step 4

To Remove the gear; flat washer and motor shaft

TST838 Fig 4

Step 5

To remove the bearing
Use pin diameter .127” press from the back end to remove the bearing

TST838 Fig 5

Step 6

To replace the bearing: 9A0082-000
Press the bearing and flat washer into the upper end plate using press tool part # TST838 and provided shim stock 0.002” thicknesss

TST838 Fig 6

Step 7

Note: Must have a gap of 0.002” between the upper end plate and the rotor by using shim stock 0.002” provided with the TST838 tool

TST838 Fig 7

Step 8

To install the gear:
• Press the rotor shaft into the gear on a flat base block
• Make sure the gear end flushs with the end of the shaft on the flat base block

TST838 Fig 8

Step 9

Install all the parts together as shown on

TST838 Fig 9