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Removing Stubborn Headcaps

General tips:

Many handpiece headcaps caps get stuck, and can get DAMAGED or ROUNDED OFF during removal because the cap wrench slips!

Here’s how to avoid these problems:

  • Place the required plate-style cap wrench over the stuck headcap.
  • Position some sort of spacer with an opening large enough to go over the cap wrench – even a rotor vial will do the trick.
  • Place handpiece, cap wrench, and spacer under the RAM of your press or in a soft jaw vice.
  • With LIGHT pressure, just to help keep the wrench in place, hold the wrench and rotate the handpiece clockwise. (This might take an extra set of hands)

*The key is to just break the cap lose, then remove normally*

Hear are some samples


KaVo 25LP Step 3
KaVo 25LP Step 4

Midwest Tradition

KaVo 25LP Step 5
KaVo 25LP Step 6

Midwest XGT

KaVo 25LP Step 7
KaVo 25LP Step 7